Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another dream I'm re-posting.

[Note: This is all from an AIM conversation with Kite. The word 'you' is directed at and means Kite, in this chronicle.]
It started out as one of my normal crack-dreams, I was with you and we were teasing each other about our respective guys. At the time you were dating Darby and I was ... I had a promise ring on my finger (We were in your bedroom).
But then it turned ugly. We were both sitting on the bed, but I was facing the window. For some reason, it was really hard to see out of it. But I could see shadows moving. I wasn't paying much attention to it, because I was blushing too badly, but ... I remembered looking up and seeing this weird shape there. It looked like a light-pole where one hadn't been before. I guess my eyes went wide or something, because you looked too. Then we kinda both looked at each other with a 'shit' expression and took off, trying to outrun him.
My leg seized up, and I couldn't move very fast, and you didn't notice right away, so I was trying to nearly-skip to keep up with you, but I was still falling behind. You looked around for me and saw me a few feet behind you and grabbed my hand to pull me along with you. I was moving a little faster after that, but you had slowed down to keep up. I was crying. Telling you to just go because I was slowing you down. And then we had to stop. We could either keep going THROUGH A FOREST, or stop and fight back.
We went through the forest. I still wish we hadn't. But we went through the forest, and I got pulled away from you. I was terrified, and you were screaming. But eventually something stopped dragging me and picked up up to carry me. I was thrashing around like no one's business, and I'm pretty sure I punched him in the not-face a couple of times and it did nothing. Sam, I was absolutely terrified. I didn't know what was going to happen to me, or to you. I don't think you saw where he dragged me, because he moved too fast, or I have little doubt you would have been the idiot to fight him.
He was mostly being gentle with me, which freaked me out more than anything. It was like he didn't want me damaged for some reason. But I still didn't know much about him. Just bits and pieces. I figured he shouldn't want me for anything. Well, he kept going for almost a mile, and I almost fell asleep a few times. Finally he sat me down and I woke back up all the way.
That was it for me. Or at least the me you and I know. I don't know specifically what happened, but later I was introduced to a room of people. There was a revolver on my hip. A knife in my boot. Thick, rope-like ribbons on both sides of my hips —those were to tie people up or strangle them, as my Master wished. Long story short, I was armed with every weapon I knew how to use. And then I was sent after your friends. I don't know how I knew it was them. I just did. And as each one went down, I'd post it on their blog with my 'stamp'. "V was here. Vindicta took her Master's vengeance." And then I was sent after you. I forced myself to wake up just when I found you.

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