Sunday, January 30, 2011

Old dream. I figure I'll post it here too...

It started suddenly. I had barely dropped to sleep when it seemed I opened my eyes to look at a warehouse-like building. I was entirely alone. That in itself was odd. I am never alone in my dreams. I always have at least one other person with me, usually a friend. But I was entirely alone. 

And then I saw something long, thin, and dark snake ahead of me. I couldn't help but be fascinated by the tendril, and made no move to get away when it wrapped around my stomach. And that's where the dream became fuzzy and I lost almost all the capability to think anything other than gray metal and stairs. My body moved without my command, and I was led up to the higher levels of the building before I was let go and my thoughts reengaged. 

There were people up there, though no one I recognized. They were strangers to me, and probably about seven years older than me. They startled and grew angry upon seeing me, one moving to attack until I cringed. I felt something almost seeming to pat me' on the head, and my world faded out again, moving with my conscious effort. It ended somewhere around there, right after I had gotten a short glimpse of a tall figure garbed in black. I never registered a face, if he had one, so I don't know more than that. 

I was treated much like a pet, often getting my head patted or some other gesture.

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